The Hunger Games? – Are you ready for this?

JOIN the biggest craze and achieve your WEIGHT LOSS goals.

Kiss your muffin top goodbye, forever!

“The Hunger Games?” Group was a private group created by a bunch of friends to share recipes, exercise ideas and keep checking on each other on their weight loss journey. They knew their metabolisms and understood what exercises and meal plan worked with their bodies; they just needed to challenge each other, keep themselves accountable and share some inspo for a healthy meal.

Why the Hunger Games?

The name was just to joke on the mistaken idea that dieting means starving yourself, eating lettuce all day, trying to avoid temptations all day and living on one calorie a day.  This is far from the truth. Dieting means eating smarter and healthier. You don't have to say goodbye to the things you love, just everything in moderation as you probably heard before.

Having a goal makes it easier

You'll also probably found that it is so easy to lose weight when you have a goal, I did it for my wedding day but after having my first baby there’s no goal-date to work towards, there’s no challenge, and it is easier to fall out the wagon.

Recently my aunt commented on how good I look on my Facebook profile (I've changed that one since), of course, that picture was from 5 years ago! I noticed how lately I don’t like to be photographed. Ever since my son turned one, I wanted to organise a family portrait but based on my photos with Santa I can’t do it. He’s almost two now. I need to lose weight before immortalizing myself in a photograph and exhibiting it on my walls. I'll make this one my goal and now that I share it with you, I have a responsibility to do it. See how it works?

Choose the fitness plan you prefer

My kitchen is full of books with healthy recipes; I probably read every book offering a diet program. You name it Dukan Diet, The Low-Carb, The CSIRO wellbeing diet, the Paleo diet and I have a couple of  Women's Health special editions too. Those books are just gathering dust because I couldn’t find the support around me to follow through. I wanted to join a support group, but they all come with a MLM attached and no offence to anyone in the MLM industry, but I know myself, I know what works, I know what to do, I just need that little kick to get started and follow through.

Start today: there's no time for perfect and no perfect time to start

I also fret when an old friend asks me to catch up (don’t say school reunion please!) and for her to notice that I didn’t manage to lose the baby weight even though my baby is now a toddler.

Even comments like this one that I heard at the seal exhibit in the zoo: “This seal is a new mum.  She’s no longer breastfeeding her bub, so we are reducing her calorie intake because there’s no reason for her to eat that much” gets me. If you were around me that day – I was the voice saying “I'm not taking that personally.". Of course, I didn't take it badly, but something clicked on me that day.

"Enough!" I said to myself, "something needs to change."

Accountability & Support to keep the commitment

I talked to my friends and proposed to do a new, bigger version of The Hunger Games? Dieting doesn’t mean starving Facebook Group. Reaching out to more women and support each other to achieve our goals of eating healthy and help each other out with meals ideas and fitness tips.

You probably already know how easy is to stay on track when you have support around you. I can also tell you all the pros of joining an online support group but why don’t you join “The Hunger Games?” Facebook group and find it by yourself.

Achieve your weight goals by joining our group for tips, ideas, encouragement, and accountability.

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