Have you noticed how easy is to start a diet? I do it every Monday! Lol!

Starting a diet is not the only part that is difficult, staying on the right path is too.

First of all, I come up with every excuse under the sun to postpone the start date, and when I finally start it, it all goes well at breakfast, continues well at lunch but later in the afternoon, and I SIN (LOL!) and eat something that is not part of the diet! I remain calm saying “tomorrow will be a new day…I’ll continue with my healthy eating plan”. Has that happened to you? Well, that is practically my day to day.

I’m a freelance photographer and university lecturer, and when I’m not on uni vacation, it is easier for me because I have a set schedule. For four months straight, my working hours are the same. I’m super organized with my meals, I’m very busy for most of the day and I don’t even think about eating outside of my set hours. Do you know that you have to eat 5 times a day? It is the only way that your metabolism doesn’t slow down and that your body doesn’t want to store “energy” for winter.


Well, what I want is to start and finish a diet and not die in the attempt. I know I need an incentive. Don’t you need one?

What works well for me is having an important date to work towards like an event or agreeing to catch up with a friend that I have not seen for months. An even greater incentive would be to have a wedding to go to, like in 8 months I have to go to this wedding, and I have to fit into my dress. So?



I think it’s time to change the mindset and start a diet because I WANT TO, because I NEED IT, because I DECIDED TO and because I’m want to FEEL BETTER about myself.

I think it’s time to change the mindset and start dieting because I WANT TO, because I NEED IT, because I DECIDED TO and because I want to FEEL BETTER about myself. I understand that fat or thin, my friends and my family would love me, so if I want to lose weight is simply because I want it! Because I want to walk without getting tired, I want to wear heels without feeling my feet and calves killing me soooooo… this time I will start with a 30 days plank challenge.

Why planks?

Planks work most muscles of your body in only a few minutes a day; you just need a support mat and a lot of willpower.


  • Strengthen your abdominals, back, and shoulders’ muscles
  • Help you achieve higher balance and improve posture.
  • Activate your metabolism
  • Burn calories
  • Tone your core area

Print your guide and mark your daily achievement.


Share your progress with us using #30daysplank in The Hunger Games Facebook Group.

Planks combined with a delicious meal plan and keeping this thought in mind “I’m going to do this for myself”.  Will be my success factor. My motivation this time, is to do this just for myself because I want to and I can.  My reward would be fitting into a pair of pants I bought 5 years ago but I’ve never worn. I don’t care if they are no longer in fashion I WANT TO PUT THEM ON AND THAT’S IT!

Do you have any clothes that you have stored and you want to fit into?

Share your WHY’s, motivation and your reward in our Facebook Group. I promise we support each other on this weight loss journey.

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