Skipping Rope: the best workout to do at home

Jumping rope is a great workout routine to do at home: it is easy to do and don’t require much investment on equipment. It will also help you burn those extra calories. A 10-minute skipping rope session can help you burn up to 200 calories!!!; this means that skipping rope can help you on your weight loss journey.  We can’t ignore the fact that exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise prevents health problems, increases strength, increases energy and can help reduce stress. It can also help maintain a healthy body weight and reduce appetite.  

I have to exercise. I have to exercise. I have to exercise … that’s what my inner voice says almost all the time, especially when I’m lying on my bed watching TV LOL, I’d love that voice say to me: “I WANT TO EXERCISE!”  and actually do the exercises for me.

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I don’t enjoy going to the gym… but

I signed up for a gym membership many times, the last time for seven months and this time I actually went. I went every day from Monday to Saturday; sometimes even twice a day, but I never end up liking it. The big problem is I went not because I want to go, I went because I have to go… because I know all the benefits of exercising and that if I don’t exercise, it will be harder to lose weight.

I found that can often be frustrating the fact we spend months doing the same routine the fitness coach gave to us, but we don’t lose any weight and left us feeling we wasted time and money, don’t we?

Another frustrating thing for me is to go to the gym when I’m not fit. Arrive for the first time, meet many people and feel that everyone is looking at you (although many of them don’t even notice us, we feel that they look at us, judging and we don’t like that). It becomes something terrifying and even more so if we have to start doing the routine in front of all those people with sculptural bodies, showing their “six-packs” while walking around and for us that only can do 20 abs… well, it’s frustrating, it isn’t? Can you relate? Have you gone through such situation? Comment on this post if you are terrified of going to the gym, free yourself and tell us what you did to overcome it.

After finishing those seven months at the gym, I was less chubby (LOL) but I had one big issue: I didn’t want to go back. What I feel is that it is not worth the time and money invested because instead of relaxing, feeling refreshed, I ended up more stressed (having to wait to use the machine, the smell sometimes, the traffic, classes fully booked out, etc) and if I exercised and stressed… this formula is not leading me to the right track: I was not going to lose any more weight because I don’t t know if you know but stress is linked to cortisol (the stress hormone) and if your body produces a lot of cortisol it becomes a great impediment to losing weight.

Exercising should be pleasant, I found what I was looking for!

Doing exercises should be something pleasant, something that doesn’t cause any stress, something you can do at youch my own leisure so I decided to exercise at home. I started skipping rope: it will help you be quicker, working your legs. A skipping rope session will improve your cadence and stride. You will burn calories, tone your body, help with your concentration. It also gives you muscle resistance, improves your aerobic conditioning, increases your power … It is a super easy exercise, almost everyone can do it and it is super fun too. (watch me on our Youtube channel)


I added this to the # 30daysplank challenge and I am very happy! I exercise any time I want or can, I usually do planks before going to work, and at night I skip the rope and do abs, I am happy because I don’t have to leave my house and drive several kilometers then find parking just to exercise!!! I’ve been doing the plank challenge for about 17 days now, and I started incorporating other exercises into this routine to tone up other parts of my body. I’ve downloaded the “8fit” exercise app to help me find a routine I can do at home.

8fit Workouts & Meal Planner – Urbanite Inc.

This free app (there’s the option to upgrade if you want to unlock more features) is very easy to use. You only need to create an account. Then the app will ask you a series of questions to determine your body structure so you can choose the routines that are right for you. It has demonstrations of different routines you can choose from depending on your level of fitness. Exercises take between 10 to 20 minutes to complete, they are good! My abs hurt so much that can’t even get into the car, LOL, but I’m happy!


Keen to start the #30dayplank challenge? Print your guide and mark your daily achievement.
Read the benefits of planks here


Share your progress with us using #30daysplank in The Hunger Games Facebook Group.

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