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10 Day Weight Release program is an easy and effective method to lose weight by enjoying food, eating healthy and learning to love yourself in the process.

Eating healthy is easier than you think and you’ll be surprised to find that you can eat burgers as part of your diet; just replace the chips with salad and you’ll have a well-balanced meal but It’s all about finding the perfect daily combination of protein, carbs and healthy fats and this meal plan brings all that to you.

We know that willpower is not an endless resource and maybe the reason why we fail in the efforts to lose weight is that we rely on willpower to stick to a diet.  That is why we have included a hypnosis audio with this meal plan so you can exercise your willpower, visualise your future self and make your transition to a healthy lifestyle easier.


  • Healthy meal plan by Dr Victor R Benavides V, endocrinologist with more than 45 years experience treating obesity.
  • Hypnosis Audio by Lynnsey Robinson, clinical hypnotherapist
  • Support group
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