Recipe for Success: Set and Actually Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions in 2019

Last day of 2018!! So exciting.

If you were following us on Instagram, we were doing a few things in preparation to successfully setting our New Year's resolution and sticking to them.

I detailed them here:


Look back to 2018, there were many lessons to be learned. Make a list of all what you have achieved this year! Wow! Well done, good job!⁣ ⁣ Look around and name one thing you are grateful for. Now, think of 5!

Stop the Victim Mentality.

Do you know that you are in control of your own life? You can’t control how it all happens but you can steer yourself in the direction you are going. Stop being on the passenger’s seat of your own life, take the steering wheel and enjoy the ride.


let’s free ourselves from emotional baggage.  Forgiving does not mean forgetting, condoning or assuming fault but letting go the resentment and get on with our lives. Download the Forgivess Step by Step Plan to help you with the process or read more in the blog.

With a refreshed mindset and a more peaceful soul, it is time to establish new resolutions for 2019!

Think about where you want to be financially, spiritually and physically at the end of 2019.

Your first step is to write down what exactly it is you that you want. Personal development or fitness or whatever is burning inside you and simply can no longer postpone, write it down.

Be Specific

I want to have more money and I want to be fit won’t cut it, it is too broad, your brain will take it as unattainable and too abstract, it will not even pursue it.

Let’s be more specific! I want to increase my income by 30%, I want to run the Sydney City to Surf  (running 14km from Hyde Park in Sydney's CBD to the finish line at Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia)  in August, I want to reduce 10 cm of my waist circumference. You got the idea.

And you know any of these will happen unless you take action, right?


Plan it!

So how exactly are you going to implement these changes?  You are going to have a Plan of Action.

A plan of action is critical to your success.  Without a plan it is only a thought. When you add your wishes and thoughts to paper, combined it with an urge to see them become realities so you make a plan and proceed to do everything possible to take action, you have a template for success.

Be Realistic

It is important to note that your plan should have a realistic time frame.  For example, if your resolution is to trim down 10 kg, it is unrealistic to believe you can healthily do it in 3 days.

However, it is possible to healthily release 10 kg in 12 weeks with a proper plan. Set a realistic goal and break it down to healthy and achievable smaller milestones, say “X” kg per month (or what your doctor or training coach suggests).

Break it Down into Achievable Tasks

Now that you know what your specific desire is, list the ways in which you plan on achieving optimum results.  For example, if one of your resolutions was to get another job with a better offer or for career advancement. Then, think of the steps you need to follow like: update your resume, work on your interview skills, maybe engage a career coach or gain a new skill to take the next step on your career.


Answer these questions:

  • What do I have to do in order to achieve my goal?  
  • What do I need to do to see this plan come to completion?
  • Do I have all the resources I need to be successful in accomplishing this goal?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.


Set up a schedule outlining each step that needs to be taken daily to achieve weekly goals.  Be specific. Create a "to do" list, with short and easy actionable steps and hold yourself accountable.  At the end of the week you will be able to see how much you were able to accomplish. Congratulate yourself for each accomplishment.


Celebrate your Achievements!

Have your own personal reward system in place.  Know what each reward will be for each accomplishment that you have fulfilled throughout your plan.  With every desired result you achieve there should be a reward for having done so. An incentive plan customized to your wants.

Have a backup plan when things don’t go your way and for setbacks (mine is self-care and meditation with the aim to raise my vibrations). Do not let yourself get disheartened.  If you have a temporary lapse or deviation from the plan acknowledge it and continue to move forward with your plan.

Change takes time, patience and perseverance.

Take the time to nurture and understand it. Success is a process and will not be achieved in one day, trust in your plan of action, your plan is your future.


Happy New Year!

With love and appreciation,

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