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Emotional eating is a common denominator of most of us, the serial dieters, the ones who had tried almost every diet under the sun, successfully losing weight but haven’t been able to keep it off. Addressing it with these simple strategies will help you not turn into food to cope with negative emotions and achieve your healthy eating and weight loss goals.   Most of you know that I recently changed career paths and I

Tending to your feeling of mindfulness is the most crucial step of self-actualization. Through meditating in a neutral sitting position, we can practice this mindful presence within us. Buddhist tradition teaches us that there are various meditations that are each meant to incite a different state of consciousness. A lot of them are usually perceived as trying to change some part of us through the meditation process, and yet mindfulness meditation is meant to create

I used to try to be a superstar woman, equal parts phenomenal mother, awesome and successful businesswoman, and all-round superhero. I thought that was what I was supposed to be, what the world needed me to be, and the only thing that would be acceptable to others. None of these facts turned out to be true. Pretending to have all your sh*t together is doing each of us a great disservice and making more than

This is my first blog post, I’m so excited! I wrote this when I was going through an awakening process after learning Ho’oponopono and its simple but powerful words that changed my life forever. I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you. Read it with an open mind it, leave judgement behind, I trust you will. This morning I run into Stephanie, I  may not have mentioned her to you before because I

Do you know that listening to music is another way to care for yourself? Have you noticed the effects on your mood after listening to a song you like or to an upbeat one? And of course, your preferences may differ from mine, but music has the same impact on every one of us in a personal and distinctive way. Music is primal and exists since the very beginning of humanity. A mum singing a

Jumping rope is a great workout routine to do at home: it is easy to do and don’t require much investment on equipment. It will also help you burn those extra calories. A 10-minute skipping rope session can help you burn up to 200 calories!!!; this means that skipping rope can help you on your weight loss journey.  We can’t ignore the fact that exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise prevents health

Starting a diet is not the only part that is difficult, staying on the right path is too. First of all, I come up with every excuse under the sun to postpone the start date, and when I finally start it, it all goes well at breakfast, continues well at lunch but later in the afternoon, and I SIN (LOL!) and eat something that is not part of the diet! I remain calm saying “tomorrow

JOIN the biggest craze and achieve your WEIGHT LOSS goals. Kiss your muffin top goodbye, forever! “The Hunger Games?” Group was a private group created by a bunch of friends to share recipes, exercise ideas and keep checking on each other on their weight loss journey. They knew their metabolisms and understood what exercises and meal plan worked with their bodies; they just needed to challenge each other, keep themselves accountable and share some inspo for

*Updated on 14th October 2020* You are at work and your boss emails you asking for something urgently. “I need this by yesterday” sort of email! Oh, gosh no! You feel your energy levels dropping, your heart racing, and stress taking over. “Quick,” your body says, “give me something with sugar! I need quick energy for my fight or flight response!”.  Or maybe there’s no trigger but the habit of having the cheeky chocolate in

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