Our Team

Our team is here to help you take the next step and start moving forward to the life you deserve. Whether you need to set goals, discover what are you passionate about, find out what is holding you back and help you work through what is blocking your success.

Our transformational, our team of qualified, experienced and professional practitioners is ready to assist you online, from the comfort of your own home or preferred safe place, offering the same quality of services you expect from an in-person sessions.

If you feel like you are almost there, that you just need an extra “something”, if only someone could shed a bit of light on where to go, and help you figure out what your next step is, you are ready for a session with one of our therapist, who in a kindly way, will help you untangle all the thoughts in your head and give you a roadmap to your own happiness.


Linda Ho

Transformational and Life Coach

Linda is a transformational and life coach.  She helps people identify and breakthrough limitations, negative thought patterns and habits and create new healthy habits and get in touch with their true essence.  You deserve to live free of fear, anger, sadness and make healthier life choices and/or find your soul mate, then get in touch with Linda.

Linda is a Master NLP Coach, Master Hpynotherapist, Master Time Line Therapist

Jennifer Willemsen

Intuitive Transformational Coach

Jennifer is an intuitive transformational coach. She was given the opportunity to reinvent her self after quitting her job as a psychologist. She realised early on her personal journey that she didn’t need to hold on to regarding my ego or any other reason that people seek validation. It was when she reconnected with the innate freedom of the human existence and she helps you do the same.

Kristin Quattlebaum

Intuitive Transformational Coach

Kristin helps you stop hustling for happiness and find purpose within by igniting your connection to your intuition, building trust and confidence within, examining and clearing limiting beliefs holding you back, and changing your relationship with fear as you propel forward on your path.