Marley Spoon: an honest review from a picky eater who didn’t like cooking.

I’ve been ordering Marley Spoon boxes for about a year now, so I thought I give it a review.

One of the main reasons I signed up for this service was to be able to budget the weekly grocery shopping and add variety to our family menu. A family can  eat spag bol or roasted chicken only so many times a month, don’t you think? 

I hate cooking, so I wasn’t impress when I had to cut all the veggies myself, mix here, bake there. But actually it became an enjoyable experience. I look forward now to do it, it’s relaxing. 

Since ordering from the Marley Spoon menu, I enjoy cooking a bit more and I’m always on the lookout for new recipes to make.

Marley Spoon taught me how to cook, how to use spices and salt to the food so it tastes better.

I’m not proud to say this but I’m also a picky eater, I have a few food intolerances so it is not all my fault. My preschooler eats more flavours and spices than I do. 



Dinner time is rewarding with Marley Spoon

Seeing the face of my family enjoying a good and healthy meals is rewarding and has become my motivation to cook.


The day I cooked the first recipe, my husband jokingly said he thought it was Christmas because I was roasting cauliflower with spices, and I was actually using the oven for a weekday dinner!


Many options to choose from

Sometimes I feel adventurous with the food I order or let my inner hipster pick the recipes and then I regret it, “Why did I order this?” One day I opened the box and the dish consisted of kale chips and baked tomatoes. I don’t like tomatoes and I only ate boiled kale with quinoa. 

I trust that Marley Spoon knows flavours so even if something doesn’t make sense I follow the recipe to the T. OH, GOODNESS!!! 

How good were those kale chips, Kale, olive oil and salt 

Thanks to Marley Spoon I also learn more ways to eat quinoa! 


“Marley Spoon, surprise me!” 

Some other times I  let the  Marley Spoon team pick the recipes for me based on past order preferences,  “Marley Spoon, surprise me!”  Those days I get excited! And open the box like a child in Christmas. Don’t judge me, I buy all my presents or  receive gift cards so nothing is a surprise anymore! I nurture my inner child this way, getting excited with little things. 

But sometimes my face is like a person receiving socks for Xmas. Like the time I received the chicken pot pie. I was like meh, boooooring!  I was surprised on how different to the one I make and how yummy it was. Tasting all the flavours mixed together, my mouth is watering thinking of that dish! Very nice. I feel like a master chef judge with my own food. 


Another thing I like about the Marley Spoon menu is that you get to try foods from all around the globe, Africa, Japan and a fusion of different cuisines. You learn a bit about food as well with the recipe cards that you can now access them online rather than getting the print version saving a few trees. I still like the print version because I’m collecting them in a folder, so I can make those recipes again. 


Trying new recipes from their menu, I realised how easy is to cook Japanese Ramen, and how heartwarming it is too, perfect for a winter night. 




Some more reasons I love Marley Spoon

No waste. 

I don’t need to buy the whole celery or a bunch of parsley that I’ll end throwing out on a later date because I didn’t get the chance to use it all.  In the box you receive only  send you what you need, so in the end is more cost-efficient and better for the planet

Managing my grocery bill. 

I only order Marley Spoon a few days a week, it’s a minimum of 2 but you can add more if you like with ease, if you see one recipe that you want to try just add it to your order for the week. Each meal cost around $15 per serve, less if you add more days to your order, so it works out really well, price wise. So if you work love budgeting like me, it helps you plan your expenses.

Caters for lifestyle and/or food intolerances

Filter  by food that suits your lifestyle. If you have a good intolerance like me or if you are vegetarian, Marley Spoon caters for that.  You can also see the recipes beforehand to see if you don’t like or can’t have any of the ingredients and also show you the calorie value so you can plan your week ahead.

Good portion sizes

This is something that concern my husband more than me, but they are actually really reasonable.


My tips to make the most from an order

  • I prefer to order things with ingredients that I don’t usually cook like Bulgur Wheat or preserved lemons. 
  • Let Marley surprise you once in a while. Don’t pick the recipes 


All in all, I give Marley Spoon a 4 out of 5 stars, just because some recipes are high in calories.

If you are watching calories like me, combine Marley Spoon with the recipes from The Healthy Mummy membership and add the meals as custom meals in your tracker.

Give Marley Spoon a try, you won’t regret it and you don’t have anything to lose, you can cancel at any time or skip weeks if you don’t like the recipes for the week but I don’t think you will because the recipes are always good.


Get $35 off your first order:




Disclaimer: When you buy from any of the links or banners on this page, I’ll receive a commission, my review of Marley Spoon is an honest one and I’ll have the same opinion regardless if they pay me or not. I’m still their customer to this date and I’m very happy with their service and the food they send.

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