Healthy Diets with Meal Plans You Should Try in 2019

On the 1st January 2019, published a survey showing that the top three most common New Year Resolutions were Diet or eat healthier (71%), Exercise more (65%), Lose weight (54%)

That doesn’t seem long ago at all. I don’t want to scare you all but we are almost at the end of the first quarter of 2019 (how did this happen?) and if you are like most people you are nowhere near accomplishing your New Year Resolution.  No room for excuses or blame, not naming and shaming either!

Let's do something about it! : Set a date to start

If you don’t set a date, you won’t ever start. Let’s do it, it only takes commitment and determination.




Take it one day at a time

Most of the programs are 12-week long. Looking at it as a whole you may start thinking about the many birthday parties or social gatherings you have between the start and the end of those 12 weeks. The drinks, food, oh no the cake!

Start today and take it one day at a time; after feeling and looking great you won’t even think of that cake the way you do now and you’ll learn to eat mindfully.

I tried so many diet program in my life and some of them were too restrictive for me. I don't believe in excluding food groups, all food is good food and is equally important. That is why Paleo, Keto, Atkins diets don’t work for me. From time to time we look at the same concept with some kind of variation. Dukan, I’m looking at you.

Dr Dukan, Can I eat pasta pretty pleaaaaaseeeeee???!!

I actually signed up for the one-on-one Dukan Diet personalised coaching. The Dukan diet is based on 4 phases:  attack, cruise, consolidation and stabilisation.

In the attack phase, I was only allowed to lean protein, unlimited amounts of it.  In the Cruise phase, I was able to alternate lean protein and non-starchy veggies. The consolidation phase was the one where you can eat unlimited lean protein and veggies, some carbs and fats and the stabilisation phase which is the one that forms the way you should eat the rest of your life.

I didn’t make it pass the cruise phase. I wrote to the coaches begging them to allow me to eat pasta! #truestory  Funny enough they allow me a teeny tiny bit of it but they suggested I should try to stay away from it during the rest of the program. That’s it. We broke up right there, you can’t talk ill about my pasta!!  I knew this wasn’t for me. Also, it wasn’t practical. Cooking the food took me ages and WTF crème fraîche is anyway! When I followed this diet, this product wasn’t widely available in the shops. This and other ingredients were not easy to get either.

My culinary skills and imagination are close to zero; I’m sure if I had a French Chef cooking for me every day it would’ve been easier. I can’t imagine doing this now that I am a mum.

The 5:2 it doesn’t work because I suffer on the days I have to fast! I feel anxious just thinking about it. What I like to do now is to include now a low-calorie day once a week and two meat-free days.

I can’t do this “shock your body” things with unnatural products either. Taking supplements is not for me. Teas, Lemon detoxes, pills are out of the equation.

I’m not going to lie, I drink protein shakes from time to time because sometimes I don't have time to have breakfast and this is a way to make sure I don’t skip a meal. My favourite is Bondi Protein but I’d like to try The Healthy Mummy ones and also their Weight Loss program because they seem to have worked for a lot of women (look at the pictures, they show amazing results).  So I haven’t tried that program yet but I followed other ones that I’m sharing below.

These are the ones that worked for me in different stages of my life, they are not restrictive and don’t require a chef cooking for you every day:


Metabolic Renewal - Dr Jade Teta

I loved the exercises! 15 minute three times a week is all that you need. Perfect!

This program is designed with women’s metabolism in mind. It keeps you going all day, put cravings at bay and his program caters for women at any metabolic stage of her life. The trick here is to find out how your female hormones and metabolism reacts to different foods and exercises because what works for one woman may backfire for another.

Dr Jade Teta’s questionnaire will help you find out which is the best way for your body to burn fat the fastest based on how your own hormones and metabolism actually works.

Take the quiz now or find out more about how this work here: click here.

CSIRO Wellbeing Program

This an Australian diet with everyday ingredients with easy to find and cook ingredients. The CSIRO diet includes all food groups and promotes safe and sustainable weight loss. Best of all: they allow you to eat chocolate and drink wine!! Yes, you read it, one or the other, little bits but at least you could still have it!

You may probably have seen the books in the shops for long now but currently, they have an online version that makes everything so much easier! And best of all, they offer a FULL REFUND when you successfully complete the program! That sounds pretty good to me.

Do you want a taste? How good these good boys look?

Download the Free Recipe Ebook.  If you make it, share it with us in our Facebook group

10 Day Weight Release Program

This is a Wellfulness exclusive.  This program will change the way you see food and healthy eating. Dieting doesn’t mean starving. You can have a burger for lunch. I’m not ashamed to say that burgers are one of my favourite food and this diet allow me to have it and still achieve my weight goals.

In only 10 days you can lose up to 5 kg with the bonus of a hypnosis weight release audio to help you keep on track.  Willpower is not an endless resource and the hypnosis audio will replenish it. Hypnotherapy is so helpful when you want to achieve a goal; it helps you create new wiring in your brain, helping you to break habits, topping up your willpower by visualising the outcome. Hypnosis is a good and safe way to create new programming in your brain.

I first followed this diet when I was getting married. I bought a dress one size down from my size, and I was freaking out. I also wanted my wedding pictures not to be a reminder of my struggles with weight.  Last time I did it was last year, to lose the baby weight and fit in my pre-pregnancy clothes.

This diet will be the perfect start for anyone who doesn't like meal prep but wanting to healthily trim down a few kg.



All the diet programs above mentioned are easy to follow,  ingredients are easy to get, easy to cook, are practical and don’t mess much with your lifestyle. I seriously didn’t miss much or craved anything during the time I was on these diets. I also didn’t even need to tell anyone that I was on a diet, which was great because there were no chances of people trying to sabotage it.

One thing to note is that there’s no such thing as one size fits all approach when it comes to losing weight. Results will vary depending on the metabolism of each person; it is always best to work with a nutritionist or dietitian to tailor a plan for you and always consult with your doctor or medical professional before starting any fitness program to make sure you don’t have any health conditions playing up with your weight.

However results may vary from person to person, with the above mentioned programs, you can still achieve positive results.

I’m sure there are many more healthy and good options in the market but these three are the ones I’ve tried and can recommend so far.

If you need help with setting and achieving your goals in 2019, click here




Disclaimer: I am just a regular mum, not a fitness model or anything like that. I still have some weight to let go but I’m happy with where I am at with my body. I still follow these diets and recipes because I like them. My next one to try is The Healthy Mummy one. I’ll report back!  The above contains affiliate links but I only recommend what I have tested or considered using myself.

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