Five easy ways to avoid sugar at work

You are at work and your boss sends you an email asking for something urgently. “I need this by yesterday” sort of email! Oh gosh no! You feel your energy levels dropping, your heart racing, and stress taking over. “Quick,” your body says, “give me something with sugar! I need quick energy for my fight or flight response!”.  Or maybe there's no trigger but the habit of having the cheeky chocolate in the afternoon with a coffee.

No, you don't have to forget about your commitment to reducing your sugar intake. Here are five tips you could use to keep your cravings at bay at work!

Always have breakfast. Skipping breakfast will lower your blood sugar and makes you more vulnerable to sugar cravings. Try to have breakfast before going to work. Multi-grained cereals with almond milk or coconut milk chia pudding with berries are great options to start your day.

Make a conscious decision: remember you are reducing your sugar intake for your own good, take a step back and observe yourself. Why are you reaching for that Mars bar? Is it maybe to deal with stress? You don’t need it: take a break, focus on your breathing, go for a walk. Take a breather.

Pack your lunch and snacks to work: This will require a bit more of effort, but you thank yourself for it. Substitute the junk food with whole fruits such as apple, pear, and peaches. A salad is an easy and yummy option for lunch. Combine lettuce, capsicum, cucumber, and tomatoes and top it with a little olive oil dressing and tuna. YUM! But if you are anything like me and after one or two lunches you run out of ideas or can't get your head around the prep stuff, there are delivery options like Thr1ve, low-cost healthy options, they do all the thinking and you do all the healthy eating, including snacks. Check them out. Seriously, it's really good.

Avoid or limit the time you spend in the kitchen or break-out area of your office. Don’t hang out there! Instead, take your lunch and eat it outside at a park or if you can’t do that, eat it and then go for a walk. A bit of exercise and clean air will help you clear your mind too.

Find a buddy. Tell a colleague about your plan and help each other keep out the sugary snacks or junk food. You probably already know how easy is to stay on track when you have support around you. I can also tell you all the pros of joining an online support group but why don’t you join “The Hunger Games?” Facebook group and find it by yourself.

And for that cheeky chocolate! Substitute it with dark chocolate - 70% cocoa or up and limit to one square rather than the whole block and voila! There you go.

One more thing! Always read the labels; not all meals offered as “healthy”, really are. Sometimes they are full artificial sweeteners, read carefully!

Staying away from sugar may be a bit hard at the beginning, but you'll kick goals once it becomes a habit.  Remember you can make this happen!

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