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“The law of attraction isn’t working for me”  “Why my manifesting is taking so long?” “Manifesting isn’t real, it’s just wishful thinking” Those are three phrases I often hear when I talk about The Law of Attraction and manifesting with people. To be honest, I dislike using the word “manifesting” and the term “Law of Attraction” because they sound a bit icky to me too. It makes me feel like achieving your goals or wanting

A chat with transformational coach Jennifer Willemsen. If you want to change your life, you may want to check what habits and behaviours that are creating your current reality and modify them to create new results. In this interview, Jennifer Willemsen, from our team, explains why it is sometimes difficult to get a different result when we rely on our willpower or on our conscious mind and what to do instead. We also talk about

Dream big, this is your life, own your power. First you need to claim your power back. You are too much into being you, the way you have always be, the way that is no longer making you happy. If you want to reach your next level, first you need to step out of your comfort zone. Back in 2014 I had the idea to start an online business for multiple reasons. First of all,

What do you think about seashells?  Seashells are good for Feng Shui, they represent protection and are believed to enhance travel luck and strengthen long-distance relationships. One website cites: “Keeping seashells in a basket will bring much-needed luck in your life. For greater wealth: Decorate a water fountain with seashells. In Feng Shui, a flowing water fountain symbolises money flowing into the house. Adding seashells helps protect that money.”    I was surprised to find

Well it is not actually a trick, is something that you do daily, just need to shift the attention to something useful. Yes, you guessed it, it is your mindset. Let’s start by defining Financial Freedom People usually think financial freedom is being out of debt and have a source of endless money.  That definition brings a lot of unnecessary stress, doesn’t it? I used to hyperventilate at the sound of the now overused set

Personal boundaries are about respecting yourself and demanding respect from others. It’s about knowing which behaviours, from family members or colleagues at work, you are willing to tolerate and which you are not. Setting boundaries will help you feel in power and in control of yourself instead of feeling like a victim. Setting personal boundaries means to establish reasonable and safe guidelines or limits for people to behave towards you and how you would respond

How busy are you these days? So many things you want to get done but just don’t have the time? It happens to the best of us. There just aren’t enough hours in the day sometimes. There are many things that you can now do online from the comfort of your home, including online shopping, banking online and catching up on the news. There are now also options to have certain appointments via video link

  Limiting beliefs are formed early in our life. They come from our own experiences while learning this world. They come from society, our family and our ancestors. Today I’m going to fill you in on a few truths, and show you: How to recognise and overcome your limiting beliefs.  Not all beliefs are bad ones. Some of them are useful and have helped you accomplish a lot in life already. Look around and see

Self-care to raise your vibration Does this sound familiar? You’re feling stressed, mercury is in retrograde, the full moon is doing it’s thing and making you feel a little troppo. Nothing seems to be working well. Life is overwhelming. It’s not just one thing. It’s everything!!! I know this oh too well. It’s time to practice my self-care tip to raise your vibration. Spirituality speaking, your vibration refers to your energetic state. Holistically including your