Recipe for Success: Set and Actually Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions in 2019

Last day of 2018!! So exciting.

If you were following us on Instagram, we were doing a few things in preparation to successfully setting our New Year's resolution and sticking to them.

I detailed them here:


Look back to 2018, there were many lessons to be learned. Make a list of all what you have achieved this year! Wow! Well done, good job!⁣ ⁣ Look around and name one thing you are grateful for. Now, think of 5!

Stop the Victim Mentality.

Do you know that you are in control of your own life? You can’t control how it all happens but you can steer yourself in the direction you are going. Stop being on the passenger’s seat of your own life, take the steering wheel and enjoy the ride.


let’s free ourselves from emotional baggage.  Forgiving does not mean forgetting, condoning or assuming fault but letting go the resentment and get on with our lives. Download the Forgivess Step by Step Plan to help you with the process or read more in the blog.

With a refreshed mindset and a more peaceful soul, it is time to establish new resolutions for 2019!

Think about where you want to be financially, spiritually and physically at the end of 2019.

Your first step is to write down what exactly it is you that you want. Personal development or fitness or whatever is burning inside you and simply can no longer postpone, write it down.

Be Specific

I want to have more money and I want to be fit won’t cut it, it is too broad, your brain will take it as unattainable and too abstract, it will not even pursue it.

Let’s be more specific! I want to increase my income by 30%, I want to run the Sydney City to Surf  (running 14km from Hyde Park in Sydney's CBD to the finish line at Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia)  in August, I want to reduce 10 cm of my waist circumference. You got the idea.

And you know any of these will happen unless you take action, right?


Plan it!

So how exactly are you going to implement these changes?  You are going to have a Plan of Action.

A plan of action is critical to your success.  Without a plan it is only a thought. When you add your wishes and thoughts to paper, combined it with an urge to see them become realities so you make a plan and proceed to do everything possible to take action, you have a template for success.

Be Realistic

It is important to note that your plan should have a realistic time frame.  For example, if your resolution is to trim down 10 kg, it is unrealistic to believe you can healthily do it in 3 days.

However, it is possible to healthily release 10 kg in 12 weeks with a proper plan. Set a realistic goal and break it down to healthy and achievable smaller milestones, say “X” kg per month (or what your doctor or training coach suggests).

Break it Down into Achievable Tasks

Now that you know what your specific desire is, list the ways in which you plan on achieving optimum results.  For example, if one of your resolutions was to get another job with a better offer or for career advancement. Then, think of the steps you need to follow like: update your resume, work on your interview skills, maybe engage a career coach or gain a new skill to take the next step on your career.

Answer these questions:

  • What do I have to do in order to achieve my goal?  
  • What do I need to do to see this plan come to completion?
  • Do I have all the resources I need to be successful in accomplishing this goal?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Set up a schedule outlining each step that needs to be taken daily to achieve weekly goals.  Be specific. Create a "to do" list, with short and easy actionable steps and hold yourself accountable.  At the end of the week you will be able to see how much you were able to accomplish. Congratulate yourself for each accomplishment.

Celebrate your Achievements!

Have your own personal reward system in place.  Know what each reward will be for each accomplishment that you have fulfilled throughout your plan.  With every desired result you achieve there should be a reward for having done so. An incentive plan customized to your wants.

Have a backup plan when things don’t go your way and for setbacks (mine is self-care and meditation with the aim to raise my vibrations). Do not let yourself get disheartened.  If you have a temporary lapse or deviation from the plan acknowledge it and continue to move forward with your plan.

Change takes time, patience and perseverance.

Take the time to nurture and understand it. Success is a process and will not be achieved in one day, trust in your plan of action, your plan is your future.

Happy New Year!

With love and appreciation,

Forgiveness: From pain to freedom

At some point in our lives, all of us have felt mistreated by another person, a relative, a boss, a colleague or a friend. We felt hurt, angry or resentful. This is a natural reaction and part of being human. However, if we leave this issues unresolved or fail to come to terms with it, it will drive our actions and bring negativity to our lives.

Forgiving does not mean forgetting or condoning what happened, or assuming the fault; nor is it condemning the other person or seeking justice or compensation. Forgiveness is letting go of the resentment, no longer seeking revenge.

Forgiving will allow us to get on with our lives and to open up our minds and hearts to new ways of seeing others, the world and ourselves. It releases energy that can be used for other, more productive thoughts and actions.

When you choose to forgive those who have hurt you, you take away their power.”



Are you ready to start a 2019 free of emotional baggage?

Download your Free Step by Step Plan. Forgiveness: from pain to freedom 

Wellfulness Tips for a Balanced Life

No one is perfect,  please stop being so hard on yourself.

It is impossible to have perfect days every day, to be happy and not worry about anything. The more we try to make every day perfect and not to feel anxious about it, the more anxious about it we feel and then guilt: how can I possibly feel this way with all the good things I have? Oh no! We all have been there at one point.
Life presents challenges, that is a fact, what is possible is to be in peace with yourself even during those challenging moments, and that is what matters and you can achieve that by finding balance in your life.
Here are my top tips to achieve that balance:


Set the intention of the day, relax your mind, feel energised. Guided, self-guided or just taking mindful minutes to yourself makes a huge difference in your overall senses of wellness. Check out this blog on achieving mindfulness with meditation


Mindset is the key to be successful on any task. You know how the popular say goes: either you think you can or you can’t, you are correct.

Set Goals & Prioritise

Feeling stuck? Well, you need to set goals. Our anxiety comes from the unmet expectation of how our lives should look like and how it is. Good news: is up to you to close that gap! by making changes by either managing your expectations (I am at the right place, at the right moment and at the right time) or by making actual changes to your life. How? answer this question: What does need to change that will make your life better? Focus on the answer, not on the problems or *cough* excuses. List everything, what is going good and what is not going so good, in all the aspects of your life. Then, take the ones you feel need improvement and after that focus on the easiest task, the achievable one. Start there. Tip to trick your conscious to move past the excuses: “If I could do it, how would I do it? This is my favourite one!!

Good nutrition

We are what we eat. Try to avoid highly processed food or with high sugar content. It’s been proven that sugar may be a contributor to depression. Drink more water, always. Also, stop labelling food, there is not such a thing as good or bad food. All food is good, full stop, you need to be mindful of the impact it has on your body, full stop, moderation is key.


Listen to some soothing music you like. Soak in a nice warm bath. Simply take a break from your stressful workload and spend the day just goofing around doing the things you love.

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Each kind of essential oil have their own properties and characteristics, blending a selection of essential oils together in an aromatherapy diffuser can make wonders to relax, inspire, improve sleep, cope with stress, weight loss and have healing properties.

Spirit Animals on the Spotlight: A key to find your soul purpose

Are you trying to work out what your life purpose is? Why don't asking yourself what my spirit animal is? Spirit animals can provide guidance and finally helps us get answers.

Are you really talking about Spirit Animals?

Look, I know what you are thinking, all this spirit animal thing sounds so mystical, and it is usually disregarded or subject of jokes but if you observe it with a curious mind maybe it is the key to finding out your soul purpose.

The Spirit animal concept comes from centuries ago, many cultures like the Incas, native American, Egyptians and the Australian Aboriginal people incorporate the notion that each human being has a spiritual connection to another physical being: plant or animals.

Many will still think that this is a childish game but how is that belief serving you? So why not giving it a go?  Open your mind and find guidance on the symbolism an animal represents.

You may discover a more prosperous life with greater meaning, find a new respect for nature and love for all animals, big and small, start trusting the signs you receive from the universe welcoming synchronicities and opening yourself to a new way to know and love yourself.

I have to be honest with you

I felt the same way about it until a couple of nights ago that my friend texted me a picture of a dragonfly because “you like them so much” and it sparked my curiosity. I like them so much because in one way or another they always are present in my life and when I see one I feel at peace.

The dragonfly IS my spirit animal!

Before then, if you ever asked me about my spirit animal, I would've said something bigger like a dolphin or a tiger; like if an insect can’t be my spirit animal as has to be something with more authority like a tiger or something cute like a dolphin. It’s not about that, it’s about the meaning! Duh! Beliefs, right?

How to find your spirit animal.

Your spirit animal is the one that always shows up in your life, and no matter what, you always see it, around you, on TV, magazines, books etc. They’re always showing up in your life. Ask your friends also: is there any animal that I randomly always mention?

According to experts, a person can have multiple spirit animals and even have an animal showing up to give them insights and assistance on a solution to a problem. It is said that we, as human beings, possess at least one Spirit Animal, or totem, in our lifetimes that serve as our personal protectors, guides, helpers and companions. But usually, it is common for us to have many Spirit Animal helpers throughout different periods of our lives. Animals that show up to teach us a particular lesson or provide the guidance we need at that very moment.

Meditate and ask you Spirit Animal to show up!

Keep your eyes open, you are more connected to this world than you want to think. All the noise in the world make us believe that we humans don’t belong to nature, see what we’ve done to our beautiful beaches with all the plastic pour into the ocean? It’s time to change and find our way back to nature!

It is easy to miss the message. If I missed it, so can you!

You may say it was obvious that the dragonfly is my spirit animal, look around you and see the evidence (refer to pics and you'll know what I mean), you even have it in your logo, you silly!!

I know!

How could I possibly miss it?

Because I wasn't paying attention! or I didn't want to believe in it.

I have always been captivated by dragonflies.  All over the years, I’ve collected many items that symbolise dragonflies including gifts from friends and relatives. I never thought of any deeper meaning than “I like dragonflies” full-stop.

But what was the meaning of it? I found this article online explaining that seeing dragonflies mean that your thoughts create reality and when a dragonfly totem shows into your world means: “here are lessons to be learned, and “what you think” is directly proportional to what you “see on the surface.”  Your thoughts are responsible for your physical surroundings. Thus, your Dragonfly meaning tells you that you must move through these illusions and “think” your dreams into reality.”

Then goes into saying “People with this insect as their spirit animal utilise light to create illusions and to transform consciousness. They are always ready to handle the future. Therefore, they continually seek knowledge and wisdom.”

That knowledge and wisdom that I now share with you, to let you know that your belief system is the one that is creating the reality you live in and if you don't like it, you are the only one who can change it so you live your life to the fullest.

Hello!??!! Seriously! How did I miss it all these years? Look at the evidence!! (this is just a small sample)

Do you think your spirit animal can be the key to find your life purpose? Which is your spirit animal?

Easy Strategies to Help You Overcome Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is a common denominator of most of us, the serial dieters, the ones who had tried almost every diet under the sun, successfully losing weight but haven't been able to keep it off. Addressing it with these simple strategies will help you not turn into food to cope with negative emotions and achieve your healthy eating and weight loss goals.

Most of you know that I recently changed career paths and I am now 100% dedicated to my online projects. I’ve been toying with the idea of starting this website for way too long, and no matter how many times I put it on my vision board or my goal’s spreadsheet, I didn’t take action. I made hundreds of excuses, but the main issue was: resistance


Resistance is a natural reaction, and I overcame it with hypnotherapy. Showing my brain that is okay to change paths, becoming aware of the blocks that didn't let me move forward and opening a communication line with my inner voice

But it wasn’t always that way.

One of the things I was doing to shut my inner voice up was eating, not just eating but binge eating. I could quickly go through half a big packet of chips without me realising it. In our first session, the hypnotherapist asked me if I listened to my inner voice, I replied: No, I shut it up with chips.

That was my first step

to realise that I was using food to deal with emotions, to make excuses, to procrastinate and to escape from a reality that was no longer serving my purpose.

Easy Ways to Stop Binge Eating
Photo by frankie cordoba on Unsplash
Photo: Ian Keefe on Unsplash

Emotional Eaters find it hard to stick to a diet.

I’ve been an emotional eater all my life and even though I’ve been successful in my desires to lose weight and haven’t manage to keep it off long term.

I know what to eat, I know about portions, and I know about combining food and I know I’m most successful when I follow a well-designed meal plan but what I didn’t know is how hard is to stick to a diet when you are an emotional eater and that until I address it, I’ll be a serial dieter all my life.

Emotional eating is about how food is used to shift an emotional state, using food as a coping mechanism

Food was comforting because at least for those short minutes that the binge lasted I didn’t have to deal with any emotions. Keeping my mind occupied munching on those chips gave me a way to cope with the moment.

But sure, there is a healthier way to do it. Then I went into finding ways to break this emotional eating cycle and it is possible!!

Become Aware

90% of our reactions are formed in our subconscious, mostly from learnt past behaviours and because the binge eating happens so quickly, we may not have time to notice it may respond to certain triggers and follow a pattern or motifs. Becoming aware of this patterns and themes is an important step to get a clear idea of the contributors will help you find your own personal way to deal with struggles.

These questions will help you monitor your emotions and triggers. Keep them handy, maybe in the notes section of your phone. Remember that there are no right or wrong answers, the purpose of this exercise is to identify what lead you to the latest episode of emotional eating.

What was happening that might have triggered that reaction? What emotion was I feeling? What were my thoughts at that moment? What physical sensations was I feeling?

Stop labelling food as good or bad.

Food is food, and all food is allowed, balance and moderation are recommended though. When we start thinking as a particular food as forbidden, like the chips in my case, our mind will focus on that specific food, and we will end up craving it. Resistance, ironically, will drive you to eat it and your brain will take it as you need it, but if you just look at food as neutral, not putting any limits or restrictions, there would be less of an issue with food cravings. Trust me on this one, it works!

Don’t eat unless you’re hungry

Yes, that’s a difficult one but learn to listen to your body and start recognising your body cues. You’ll soon begin to identify when you are hungry or when you just have the urge to eat due to emotions. When you have that urge, stop yourself on your tracks and drink a glass of water instead.

Once I read that when you feel like eating something and not knowing what you feel like it is a sign that you need to drink more water.

Check this post out on how water is essential in our lives and dehydration may lead to depression. I know, mind-blowing!

Cook and Eat Mindfully

Mindfulness is the practice of being present and aware of your thoughts, emotions and feelings. Eat mindfully means to be fully conscious of what you eat and the effects of the food on your body.

Show gratitude to the fact that you can cook with healthy ingredients and the food you are taking is nourishing your body. Being fully present at the moment of eating the food by noticing the colours, aromas, texture and carefully chewing each bite, tasting the different flavours.

This will also aid digestion because as Dr Victor R Benavides V, always says: “Digestion starts in your mouth.”

Mindset Shift

You are loved, you are worthy, you are safe. You got this, and you can change your habits. Start by saying positive and nicer things to yourself. How many times we have looked our reflection in the mirror and said “oh gosh! My bum looks too fat in these jeans”; sometimes we are too hard on the words we use to refer to ourselves, bringing us down and guess what, making us turn to food to cope with that sadness.

Showing kindness to yourself will increase your self-esteem, and you will start to make healthier choices.

Why not starting your day with positive affirmations for healthy eating?

Achieving Mindfulness with Mindfulness Meditation

Tending to your feeling of mindfulness is the most crucial step of self-actualization. Through meditating in a neutral sitting position, we can practice this mindful presence within us. Buddhist tradition teaches us that there are various meditations that are each meant to incite a different state of consciousness. A lot of them are usually perceived as trying to change some part of us through the meditation process, and yet mindfulness meditation is meant to create the exact opposite effect on us.

First of all: Acceptance

Through this type of meditation, we try to be mindful of us, our personal and outward actions and try to acknowledge and embrace ourselves, instead of trying to figure out a step to seek to change something within us. It is kind of counter-intuitive at first that a meditation that’s trying to better ourselves uses a technique that teaches the opposite. But in the end, acknowledging one’s emotions and struggles is the most important step at self-healing and self-acceptance. We all must experience this level, because as with all meditative levels, the first level is as important as the last.

The process of achieving full mindfulness

This type of meditation is practised by accepting one's thoughts, and state of mind, which have distracted us away from the focus on breathing. Many different techniques and methods differ very slightly from each other, but in general, all of them are trying to accomplish the same goal in the end.

We start the meditation with our eyes closed, in some techniques fully, while in others they can be slightly opened and focused on the floor in front of us.

Sit comfortably. You can sit cross-legged position on a soft and non-distracting surface, or on a chair with both feet on the floor, you can put an item blow if you are short like me, the aim is to keep our feet from dangling. Whatever the case, the back is always standing straight.

Focus your attention on the movement of your abdomen, while we control the pace of our breath. In some techniques, it is taught to inhale and exhale only through the nose, while in other techniques to inhale from the nose, and exhale through the mouth. You can use whichever method you prefer. The goal of this meditation is to try and keep our mind on our breath and body language. Whenever we become distracted from our breath, passively notice the wandering of the mind and accept the fact that we have drifted from reality. With this teaching, one agreed to the reality of what has happened, with an accepting and non-judgmental state of mind, and gently return our attention back to our breath and body.

How long should I meditate for?

The mindfulness meditation usually lasts around a short 10-minute mark, especially for people who are new to meditating. As you practice it regularly and more determined, the technique becomes much easier to grasp and control. Eventually, one should stop focusing solely on their breathing, and extend their focus into the awareness of one’s thoughts and feelings. Mastering the mindfulness meditation is the next important step for self-improving one’s life.

If you need help to start meditating, I suggest you start with guided meditations, you get the same benefits and you’ll learn how to feel more grounded an in touch with yourself rather than feeling lost trying to quiet your mind. I know that time is an issue for most of us but you’ll find time to this because you’ll experience the benefits almost immediately, feeling more relaxed and in tune with yourself.

Take a look at Seven Minute Mindfulness audio program available on the Wellfulness shop

No more superstars: There is no such thing as multitasking

I used to try to be a superstar woman, equal parts phenomenal mother, awesome and successful businesswoman, and all-round superhero. I thought that was what I was supposed to be, what the world needed me to be, and the only thing that would be acceptable to others. None of these facts turned out to be true.

Pretending to have all your sh*t together is doing each of us a great disservice and making more than a few of us quite sick.

I used to pretend that all my ducks were in a lovely, neat, clean, perfectly aligned row.

I always worried about other people were thinking of me; mums at school, parents dropping their kids at my house, clients, bosses and co-workers, random people in the street. Even people I hadn’t met and might pass on the street or in traffic.



I had to be good at everything, all at once

I had to be a superstar, and I needed everybody to know it.

This kicked into overdrive nine years ago when my first child was born, and I went back to work within 4 months, and just got worse and worse with my second and third babies. Things really hit the fan a couple of years ago and I ended up in hospital and finally figured out that trying to be a superstar was unhealthy for me. So I did some re-evaluating.

I am actually doing a great job of being a mum right now, but it only happened because I completely gave up on the idea of being a superstar.

There is no such thing as multitasking

Mothers and women are very gifted multitaskers, being able to accomplish many different things at the same time. We are quite proud of this fact.

But scientific study has shown that there is actually no such thing as multitasking, and it isn’t technically possible to focus your attention on more than one thing at a time. What we end up doing is putting very tiny milliseconds of attention on each of a number of things, and flit very quickly from one to the next.

It increases our stress, reduces our ability to do anything well and absolutely removes our true enjoyment of anything we do.

So no longer do I try to have all my ducks in a row. I admit freely that I have kangaroos, and they are having some kind of rave.

But the peace I find with that is quite incredible, and it all comes from not caring about trying to be a superstar anymore. I do one thing at a time and I experience life in the moment. And I’m happier and healthier than I’ve ever been. And so are my kids.

And funnily enough, in doing this, I am more of a superstar mum than I’ve ever been

The incredibly wise Annabel Crabb wrote in her book, The Wife Drought, that ‘the obligation for working mothers is a very precise one: the feeling that one ought to work as if one did not have children while raising one’s children as if one did not have a job.’

She is 100% right of course, and this is where the problem of multitasking, overstretching ourselves and trying to be superstars comes from.

You may have been incredible at your job before you became a mum. Back then you were full-time, had about 7 million fewer things to worry about, and your focus and intensity for your career were awesome.

After going back to work from maternity leave, so many mums, myself included, tried to make everyone forget that we were mums, because somehow it made us worse employees. Mums who return to work do so as completely different people than the ones they were before bubs popped out – and we should accept, embrace and be proud of this fact.

We don’t have to be as good at our jobs as we were before we left. We have taken on a physical, mental and emotional burden since then which requires 24/7 attention and has taken our ability to worry through the roof. So, no, we don’t have to be the same person coming back.

We are a whole different person

We will be far more efficient with our work time because we have to be. There will be no more procrastination, talking a round the coffee machine or taking long lunch breaks (often we won’t take them at all!)

We will be more empathic to co-workers and clients than we were before

We will be more empathic to co-workers and clients than we were before because we have an entirely new understanding of being in touch with another person’s feelings. We will be able to push through levels of tiredness, stress, and pain like never before.

But we won’t be able to multitask, we won’t be superstars, and we will pack up and leave at the end of our shift to pick up our kids as scheduled because our priorities have shifted since before.

And we should accept, embrace and be proud of that.

I do one job at a time

For me, right now, I am a full-time mum. When I am mumming, I focus on being in the moment with my kids, both for them and for me.

Because my kids are a little older (the youngest is 4 and in kinder three days a week now) I can focus some time on my career as well in between the mumming. I am a freelance copywriter and personal blogger, and when I am writing I focus 100% on that.

Something I don’t spend any time at all doing is worrying about what other people think of me, either as a mum or as a writer or businesswoman. Worrying about other people’s opinions of me was a complete and utter waste of time, and it never actually affected what other people thought about me anyway.

About the author

Jacinta Lane is a mother and writer and lives with mental illness. She is the author of Strong Mama Bare; her tips and stories for managing mental health while still raising confident and happy kids



I’m sorry, forgive me please, thank you, I love you.

This is my first blog post, I’m so excited!
I wrote this as a letter to a friend a few years ago when I was going through a sort of an awakening process after learning the wisdom behind the Ho'oponopono techniques, the Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness.

Read it with an open mind it, leave judgement behind, I trust you will.

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Today’s Life: The World of Immediacy

stress, cortisol and why sometimes it is so hard to lose weight

HAVE you realised that the world around us is not the same one in which our parents or grandparents grew up in, without going very far, it is not the same world in which we were born?

I am 40 years old, I am an 80’s child and a 90’s teenager, media says I belong to the Generation X. We are a generation that was born analog and grew up digital, a complex one. I see this as having the upper hand, we understand many things of the past, and we navigate through the digital age without any problems.

By now you may be thinking what’s all these have to do with losing weight; well, we live in a “fast” world, a world where everything is advancing by leaps and bounds.  There is never time for anything, and when we have time for something, we are just exhausted, the only thing you want to do is nothing or maybe pour a glass of wine and watch some Netflix. Does it sound familiar?

This made me think that our grandparents may have had a more relaxed lifestyle, not depending on their phones, checking emails, the latest app, a Waze app to help to get to a destination in less time by avoiding traffic. If we look at our grandparent at our age, they seemed to have a quieter life than us. You can call it boring if you like, but I don’t think they had the same levels of stress that we do.

We live in a world of information technology, of immediacy; a world in which we cannot stop to have lunch without checking our phones, answering a work email, or we just can’t resist the temptation to photograph our food to publish it on social media and show the rest of the world what we are doing and how “happy” we are. We are dependent and stressed, prisoners of ourselves, not able to relax or travel without the need of documenting every single step.

The other day someone shared this picture with me.

Credit: John Blanding / The Boston Globe

This picture shows a group of people, most of them from my generation or younger, at an event on the street. Please take time to notice the lady that is observing the occasion with her eyes!  She seems to be enjoying what she is seeing. She is in the present moment and registering it in her in memory, as she used to do it all her life, as everyone used to do pre-mobile-phone-with-camera era. My first thought was:  “she knows how to enjoy the moment”.

What about the rest of the group? They all are looking at life through the screen of their phone, creating videos to add to the “never looked again” pile or “posting to my social media story” that will be deleted anyway after running out of space to store once it’s time to register the next event.

That made me realise that most of us just live without enjoying the moment.

Back to the losing weight part.  What do all these have to do with losing weight?

Well, a lot. This lifestyle of recording the next event, the rat race, technology, fast world, answering emails on our downtime, of being connected all the time, bring stress.

Stress is in the hands of a hormone called cortisol, also known as “the stress hormone”, this hormone is usually a great ally or an enemy. Depending on the case, it helps us to face situations of tension: the flight or flight mode; or be present in emotional situations turning into frustration, anxiety or anger. The negative part of these last three ones is that if these sensations become chronic, they can seriously affect our mental and physical health.

Cortisol is also the culprit of not having success on losing weight, regardless of the number of times we tried, you can’t go past the three kg mark and after lots of efforts. And even worse, after deciding to quit that diet you put those three hard lost kg back on or more!

Among many other conditions, the excess of cortisol usually produces insulin resistance, which will lead our body to accumulate fat and, as consequence obesity, depression, high blood pressure and even autoimmune conditions. These situations will be the key to open the diabetes door.

Every time we are stressed, the cortisol hormone is activated making it challenging to lose weight.

Stress is part of lives and in small quantities is even needed;  it should not be seen as totally bad, it gives us the extra push to deal with a situation but it is essential to have a balance and make sure we put techniques in place to deal with stress.

Here are some tips to deal with stress and keep the keep your cortisol at normal levels


Go offline: it is unbelievable how convenient mobiles phones are. Everything at our fingertips, literally, but some of us depend too much on it that seems we can’t breathe without it.  I challenge you to make the decision of not looking at your phone for at least three hours straight.  I know, #fomo!  But being connected all the time can also be a stressor. Give your mind a rest and go without it. Focus on another activity like listening to music, dance and disconnect. The benefits of music are endless, connects you with memories and can take you on a journey.  Join our playlist here.

The iPhone has a  “do not disturb” feature when activated only your favourite contacts can reach you. Allow yourself some time off, you deserve it.




Improve your sleep – some people claim that they can survive on 4 hours sleep with no issues, but the lack of sleep can lead to poor health and decrease our resilience. Experts recommend at least 8 hours of sleep per day to allow our minds and bodies to recover.  One good tip to improve your sleep is to make your bedroom a pleasant room to be in: don’t accumulate clutter and reduce electronics.

You can improve your health by sleeping.



Ground yourself in the Present Moment – mindfulness techniques are perfect for this. Be fully present in what you are doing by tuning into your senses.  One useful and straightforward mindfulness method to ground you in the present moment is the 5 to 1:


Look around and describe 5 things you can see. 4 things you can touch. 3 things you can hear. 2 things you can smell. 1 thing you can taste.



Breathe!  Stand with feet a shoulder-length apart.  Take3 slow and deep breaths using the diaphragm muscles. Breathe in through your nose, and breathe out through slightly parted lips. Get the oxygen flowing into every little inch of your body and with every exhale let all the worries out.





Catch up with your friends: spending time with friends reduces cortisol levels and gives you a sense of connection regulating other functions of your body. Make time to go out with your friends,  is excellent medicine.


Listening to Music: an easy way of self-care

Do you know that listening to music is another way to care for yourself? Have you noticed the effects on your mood after listening to a song you like or to an upbeat one? And of course, your preferences may differ from mine, but music has the same impact on every one of us in a personal and distinctive way.

Music is primal and exists since the very beginning of humanity. A mum singing a lullaby to her baby have soothing effects and helps with bonding. Cultures around the world tell different stories through music, some ancient ones prevail until today.

Studies have shown that music creates peak emotions and a study from the University of California in 2009 showed that there is a part of the human brain that “associates music and memories when we experience emotionally salient episodic memories that are triggered by familiar songs from our personal past.” meaning that music connects us with deep and meaningful memories. Based on this, it is not surprising that listening to music increases the amount of dopamine released by the brain translating into a feel-good state.

Music increases the amount of dopamine, the feel good hormone, released by the brain in response of a rewarding stimuli.

I recently asked in some of my Facebook groups suggestions of feel-good commercial music to add to my playlist. Macklemore is a favourite, and I certainly know why! His songs and collaborations with other artists are spot on. Here is the list of all their excellent suggestions, my favourite part of the songs and also, of course, my favourite ones.

Flames - Sia & David Guetta

David Guetta and Australian singer-songwriter Sia bring this awesome, vibrant, feel-good song. Can you tell it is my new favourite?

"One foot in front of the other babe
One breath leads to another yeah
Just keep moving, oh
Look within for the strength today
Listen out for the voice to say
Just keep moving, oh
Go, go, go
Figure it out, figure it out, but don't stop moving
Go, go, go
Figure it out, figure it out, you can do this"

Just take it easy, we are not perfect but as long as we keep on moving, that is what counts.

Claudia – Wellfulness

Moana How Far I'll Go - Auli'i Cravalho

“One day I’ll know how far I’ll go”

Felicity said she may have watched this movie more times than her son. It's a beautiful movie, very empowering, follow your dreams and push yourself to achieve what you meant to do in this world.  Felicity, one day probably you'll know how far you go (when you finally publish your blog, just saying, lol! no pressure! LOL)

Felicity Green - Wellfulness blogger

This Is Me - The Greatest Showman

Have you seen this movie? Wow! and I meant WOW!  It is great, mood lifting, a heartwarming movie in a non-cheesy way. Even if you don’t enjoy musicals, it is a nice watch. Thanks to Kelly Webb – Live Well. Be Well for this great suggestion and I watched the movie after seeing this video on Youtube and I wasn't disappointed. I think this movie will be added to my collection of "Best movies to Watch"

"I am who I'm meant to be, this is me
Look out 'cause here I come
And I'm marching on to the beat I drum
I'm not scared to be seen
I make no apologies, this is me"

Glorious - Mackelmore

Song by American rapper Macklemore. I seriously couldn't stop listening to this song after it was suggested by Natasha Stewart from Business Jump. It got me going for days and still is! Motivation at its best, as always!

"I feel glorious, glorious
Got a chance to start again
I was born for this, born for this
It's who I am, how could I forget?
I made it through the darkest part of the night
And now I see the sunrise
Now I feel glorious, glorious
I feel glorious, glorious"

One More Time - Daft Punk

Suggested by Mel Driver from Embalm Skincare, awesome song, definitely will be listening to this while doing the skincare routine you shared in the Barefaced & Beautiful Facebook group the other day.

Music's got me feeling so free
We're gonna celebrate
Celebrate and dance so free
One more time

Run the World - Beyoncé

Rani, you run the world with your time-saving - yummy recipes.

The beat is very uplifting, I love Beyonce and her #GIRLEMPOWERMENT

Suggested by Rani Hansen - You Totally Got This

Hold On - Wilson Phillips

This is an oldie but a good one. It always gets me signing from the top of my lungs (sorry world, I know I am not a good singer - know yourself: weakness and strengths, right?, but I can't help it, I love this song)

"I know that there is pain
But you hold on for one more day and
Break free the chains
Yeah I know that there is pain
But you hold on for one more day and you
Break free, break from the chains

Don't you know?
Don't you know things can change
Things'll go your way
If you hold on for one more day yeah
If you hold on"

Shared by me, Claudia – Wellfulness

Good old days - Macklemore

Another good song from Mackelmore, recommended by Cynthia Torok from The Intimates Collection

Maybe I've been missing what it's about
Been scared of the future, thinking about the past
While missing out on now
We've come so far, I guess I'm proud
And I ain't worried about the wrinkles around my smile
I've got some scars, I've been around
I've felt some pain, I've seen some things, but I'm here now

These Days - Rudimental & Macklemore

Thanks Marissa Towndrow from Renovating Mums for this great recommendation!

I love the message of this song! Nothing is permanent, and all is relative. Even when things are not great sometimes, it is called life, and maybe one day we will look back to that moment and smile because the days that may have looked a bit rough were the best because they helped to shape who we are.

I added these and a few more to my Youtube playlist (press here to check it out) and listen to all and turn the music up.  Listen to it while working or at home, when doing some house chores like cleaning, washing up the dishes, tidying up or take a break and dance around your place (take the chance and dance like no one is watching!). Not only will you get your heart rate up, but it will also lift your mood.

What's your favourite song?