5 Ways to Celebrate Chinese New Year and Improve your Wealth

Happy New Year! Wishing you Health, Wealth and Prosperity in this New Lunar Year of the Pig

The Year of the Earth Pig starts today, 5th February 2019, and ends on 24th January 2020.  

Good News! This is going to be a great year. In Chinese culture, pigs are the symbol of wealth;  it is a great year to make money, a good year to invest and a year where we are we are encouraged to find what makes us happy and do more of it.

Feng Shui, a Chinese art and science, is central in this New Year’s celebration being its main goal to create harmonious relationship between a person and his/her environment that will bring him/her wealth and wellness.  It is based on a Taoist idea that nature is alive and has energy in different forms.

Wealth in Feng Shui is not all about getting rich,  it is also means prosperity in your relationships and your health.

I’ve been a Feng Shui enthusiast for more than a decade and even though I am not a Chinese descendent I have big admiration for  this wonderful ancient culture and its connection with the cosmos and the environment.

Keep in mind that Feng Shui is only one third of the total cosmic trinity and success is determined by other factors like your efforts and willpower.

The Feng Shui practice can be as  as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. There are simple steps you can follow to bring harmony to your life or more complicated practices at more sophisticated level like  people planning it’s edifications around this.

5 Ways to Celebrate the Chinese New Year and welcome wealth and happiness into our life:

Clean up!

Yes! Declutter, declutter, declutter. Everything broken or not working should be out of your house. That way you’ll be saying out with the old and welcoming a new and fresh start. However, today is a day of celebrating not cleaning but keep it in mind as decluttering will bring good energy to your place.

Eat Dumplings

It is customary to eat dumplings in the New Year’s Eve, the 1st and the 5th day of the New Year to welcome wealth in the coming year. I think my family will be pretty happy with this one! We love dumplings!

Decorate with red items and wear red too!

Red is the colour for good luck; decorate with red lanterns with golden symbols and wear read or bright colours and try to avoid black or white just for today.

Watch the Dragon & Lion Dance

Oftenly mixed up, the Lion Dance has usually two acrobat performers inside a costume. Dragons often require more performers as it is a longer costume. They both dance to the tune of a band playing drums and gongs very loudly with the intention to scare away bad intentioned spirits.

Share a Meal with your Family and Friends

As in every other celebration date what is better than to have your family and/or friends together to share the joy. Avoid complaining and negative words, be grateful and positive to keep the good vibes up


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